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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Record breaking feat at 2008 GE 30km

Record breaking feat, yes... but not those which become the proudest moments in some athletes racing achievement! The GE 30km held at Taman Tasik Perdana, KL on 20th January 2008 marks the brand new racing year for 2008.

Yours trully here looking for the next tree to run to...

Scoring a timing of pass 4 hours definately made me review my options for the upcoming KLIM 2008. The lack of training would definately call for a switch of category from the full to the half, which means I will have to pick another event to pursue my full marathon for 2008!

The efforts to complete the total 30km was hampered by two busted knees; one at the 15km and the other pass 20km mark. I had great encouragement from my significant other from 20km all the way to the finishing point! For that I only have two words for my dear Malcolm "Thank You"! Thank you for sharing the embarassing moments with me when we cross the finishing line after taking ages to complete the race and for towing me all the way back despite my constant thoughts of taking the ambulance!

Here are some pics which my dear Malcolm snapped along the route. Next time it'll be my turn to carry the camera okay... ! Then I won't have to publish pics of myself looking all tired out and sweaty!

We met Leong here... boy I was tempted to grab his number (for 20km category) and make a dash for the 20km instead of the 30km...

Then along came the top 30km runners from our Serdang running group, PK and Teacher.

Poor Malcolm was accused of "paktoh-ing" on the route instead of serious racing when he stopped to snap this picture, of course yours trully was just a step behind him as he was doing so.

Thomas, another 20km runner on his route back!

Yong and Uncle Chow, the veterans on the 30km route... somewhere pass the Hartamas U-turn... hmnnn.. looks like everybody have a running partner eh!

And finally along came yours trully ...

Next race: KLIM 2008 Half Marathon - Aim is to complete the 21km within 2.5 hours. Achievable? We shall see!


  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger KEAN HONG said…

    aiyah.. search everywhere in OX members' blog and can't even find one photo of you. So, can you please email one pic of you to my email, i need it to create a LINK in my blog. Don't worry, i won't edit it into Edison Chen + Ah kiu type-of-pic. Delete it once i finish it!

    Happy CNY

  • At 10:40 PM, Blogger KEAN HONG said…

    oh ya, i just need your head. Basicaaly your eyes. ..... please refer my blog.


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