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Thursday, September 18, 2008

As June buzzes by...

The month of June flew by in a buzz.
Stuffs and events related to work was building up momentum. First we had our company R&D Day at Carey Island, then there was the Sime Darby R&D Centre - NUS Bilateral Symposium (which yours truly was emceeing for the first time in my entire 28 years of life! The crowd of slightly more than 60 freaked me out but things turned out alright in the end!), technical meetings, project metings, staff meetings, "future projects" meetings, field sampling excursions (read: masuk plantation!), seminars, meetings on how to design labs, collaboration meetings & more seminars. Boy, have I got the hang of working life or what now?

On the brighter note, still managed to fit in a few events that was non-work related stuffs... there was the Treasure Hunt which we won! And my 4th year anniversary being "a couple" with my MY. We celebrated the occassion at Genji @ PJ Hilton. Hmnnn... our all time favourite... sushis & sashimis! Check out the food that we both are so in love with...

Sadly gotta miss the family trip with Dad, Mum & SG to Chiang Mai, Kenyir & Redang though! Must have missed a great deal of nice pictures, if only I went! :-(


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