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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The buzz at work overflow to July

Trainings, got elected to become a Social committee member at work, trade exhibitions committees, new employees orientation training, Company performance planning & team building at Guoman PD, seminars again & more meetings.... Sure hope this is just a passing phase at work. My 4th month at work and already missing the 1st 2 leisurely months. Being a newbie here sure gets you involved in a whole range of stuffs besides lab research... Here at my company I think they tend believe that getting the newbies totally involved in whatever events there is... Learning... a bit a bit laa.... progress & personal development... too early to tell!

My collegues at our team building session at Guoman PD.

On a personal note, July was a month to celebrate my little brother's commencement ceremony in NUS, Singapore! Congrats lil' bro! I am pround of you! Now, finally I can get free medical advice on prescribed medicines.. haha...

Siemens Run was the only sports I did for this month! Sad but true!


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