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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Squid fishing @ Pangkor

June gone! July thankfully gone too! Reason to cheers!! Let's drink to the passing of the two busiest months at work so far. I need to rejuvenate...

Headed to Pangkor Island again for my dear & my Dad's favourite past time... fishing... specifically squid fishing... Brought my housemates & class-mate to share the experience as well! Diveyak was out at sea again with 3 stooges (Dad, Malcolm & Wan) hunting for squids.

After a day's hard work at sea, everybody sat down to a nice seafood dinner at The Horizon Inn restaurant.

Here you have three baked pretty ladies!

And a very tired Malcolm!
Cmon... gimme a smile please, eventhough I know you didn't caught as many squids as you would like to!


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