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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Runners Fundraising Project - Team Duchenne 2009!

Coming back from Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008 last year... I was inspired! Inspired by a charity program that the organisers put together bridging running & charity called "Run for a Cause". Very much interested to enrol as a charity runner for the event but it was only for Singaporeans. Alas!

Briefly it was a program that allows runners participating in the event as charity runners where each will try to raise a specific sum of funds in order to qualify as a charity runner and have their registration fees waived by the organisers. Funds raised will be channelled to the respective organizations that the runners pledged to support.

I had a dream for 2009 where if the same concept was replicated for our local races and the opportunity to run, raise funds and create awareness for whatever charity causes is emulated across a series of races throughout a whole year, wouldn't that be great!

The idea very much interest me as for the past 8 years, running have been pretty much a part of my life and year in year out I have been running for all sorts of reasons, mostly personal in nature, i.e. personal challenge, personal records, rewards & positions, medal tallies. Come 2009, I had a resolution... for as long as my legs are able to run, I'd hope to be able to make parallel impact not only in my own life / health but also be able to reach out in a broader sense.

So I began thinking, searching & trying very hard to turn the idea / dream into a reality. God willing i was able to chance upon a similar concept that is so close to what I was hoping to do here in Malaysia. Action Duchenne - is a program currently running in the UK...

How people could get involved by joining the program is via setting a target for the next 12 months to raise funds, any amount you choose to target. Fund raising for the targetted amount could be done by a one off event or a number of events. You could get the idea by visiting the link above. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) appeals to me for personal reason which I am ever willing to share with you if you are interested. Ask away!

Well, to keep it short and simple, I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone at all who maybe keen to join me in this quest for 2009, as charity runners. Ideas, suggestions, feedbacks & fundraising tips are greatly appreciated too! If you are keen don't hessitate to contact me and we could share ideas on this one.

Wishing all runners out there a great running year ahead in 2009! Keep those muscles working and don't waste em!

Wish me luck!


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