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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rod & Line Magazine September Issue!

Malcolm & friends featured in Rod & Line Mag, Sept issue... together with their price catch of the day at Taman Negara Kelah Sanctuary. Unfortunately the biggest catch he landed didn't quite get away, but caused his Olympus SW750 to follow it deep down into the rivers of Taman Negara! The program they went on was a Catch & Release package which was recently introduced as a new eco-tourism activity at Taman Negara Pahang.

For more info: Grab a copy of the September Issue out now!

MBians stormed over Kapas Island!

Had a department trip, gracefully sponsored by my Dept. Head. We stormed Kapas Island on 9th - 10th August for some sun, sea, surf and fun!

That's where we are staying dudes!

The beach where we had 2 days of relaxing fun in the sun!
Yours trully going out for some snorkelling in crystal clear waters!

Squid fishing @ Pangkor

June gone! July thankfully gone too! Reason to cheers!! Let's drink to the passing of the two busiest months at work so far. I need to rejuvenate...

Headed to Pangkor Island again for my dear & my Dad's favourite past time... fishing... specifically squid fishing... Brought my housemates & class-mate to share the experience as well! Diveyak was out at sea again with 3 stooges (Dad, Malcolm & Wan) hunting for squids.

After a day's hard work at sea, everybody sat down to a nice seafood dinner at The Horizon Inn restaurant.

Here you have three baked pretty ladies!

And a very tired Malcolm!
Cmon... gimme a smile please, eventhough I know you didn't caught as many squids as you would like to!

The buzz at work overflow to July

Trainings, got elected to become a Social committee member at work, trade exhibitions committees, new employees orientation training, Company performance planning & team building at Guoman PD, seminars again & more meetings.... Sure hope this is just a passing phase at work. My 4th month at work and already missing the 1st 2 leisurely months. Being a newbie here sure gets you involved in a whole range of stuffs besides lab research... Here at my company I think they tend believe that getting the newbies totally involved in whatever events there is... Learning... a bit a bit laa.... progress & personal development... too early to tell!

My collegues at our team building session at Guoman PD.

On a personal note, July was a month to celebrate my little brother's commencement ceremony in NUS, Singapore! Congrats lil' bro! I am pround of you! Now, finally I can get free medical advice on prescribed medicines.. haha...

Siemens Run was the only sports I did for this month! Sad but true!

As June buzzes by...

The month of June flew by in a buzz.
Stuffs and events related to work was building up momentum. First we had our company R&D Day at Carey Island, then there was the Sime Darby R&D Centre - NUS Bilateral Symposium (which yours truly was emceeing for the first time in my entire 28 years of life! The crowd of slightly more than 60 freaked me out but things turned out alright in the end!), technical meetings, project metings, staff meetings, "future projects" meetings, field sampling excursions (read: masuk plantation!), seminars, meetings on how to design labs, collaboration meetings & more seminars. Boy, have I got the hang of working life or what now?

On the brighter note, still managed to fit in a few events that was non-work related stuffs... there was the Treasure Hunt which we won! And my 4th year anniversary being "a couple" with my MY. We celebrated the occassion at Genji @ PJ Hilton. Hmnnn... our all time favourite... sushis & sashimis! Check out the food that we both are so in love with...

Sadly gotta miss the family trip with Dad, Mum & SG to Chiang Mai, Kenyir & Redang though! Must have missed a great deal of nice pictures, if only I went! :-(