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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Word on Love - Forever and eternity!

"Money is nothing if you do not have someone you love to share it with." How true is that saying? We've got to ask those in love and of course with loaded pockets. But what is love if you do not have someone you love to share it with? So I'd like to come up with my own quote:

"Love is nothing if you do not have someone you love to share it with."
It will then only be interpreted as an adjective... a word that means no more to those who have yet to experience it! Who would deny, with love, one tends to associate words such as always and forever. But is there such thing as always and forever? In our subconscious world, perhaps love will remain forever, and it is possible for someone to always love you or for you to always love someone. In reality, things are normally much more complicated! Time and the world around is constantly changing and therefore declarations such as "I love you forever" and "I'll always love you" is only possible momentarily. The impact is shared between two and felt on the spur of the moment but as time passes, it will then only remain a fraction of the many passing moments that life brings us. Cherish such emotions, and keep them with you forever, but it is only within a place, deep in our souls that such precious joys are kept. Let it be then, for love to live on till eternity deep in our hearts!

Monday, April 24, 2006

7 Laps of 272 step

Steps climbing training at Batu Caves. Up and down and up and down and again. There we were doing the laps of the 272 steps of the Batu Caves temple as part of our training for climbing Mt Kinabalu. Rather nice place for a Saturday morning workout, as the sun never gets to you and you get your fair share of cool breeze when half way up! Would be nice to do it once more, but perhaps with a loaded backpack, it would give more impact on the training. Hey, I get to burn quite a few calories for an hours workout, so why not?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

EMA Syndrome

I'm suffering from excruciating EMA syndrome! What syndrome? EMA - Extreme Muscle Aches syndrome! Got that after my recent hike to Gunung Datuk in N9. It's already 3 days post hiking and by right my muscles should have recovered well by today, but heck no! Must be experiencing some delay effects!

Signs and symptoms of EMA:
1) Normally would experience difficulty in controlling leg motion
2) May experience weakening of thigh and calf muscles
3) Extreme pain when bending the legs, walking, going down stairs, going to the loo (especially in the squatting position)
4) Massaging would invoke extreme pains in affected areas

Anyone with advice on how to overcome and relieve these symptoms can kindly email me!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Grandfather's Hill ... easy hike!


16 APRIL 2006

A group of 7 person (2 guys and 5 gals) all training for a Mt. Kinabalu trip in May 2006 made a visit to Gunung Datuk on this particular Sunday morning. More than half of the group were first timers therefore it took almost 2 hours for the ascend and the final assault on the rock surface proved just too much for some beginners. When one have been doing this sport for some time, it becomes almost second nature and it is so easy for me to overlook that the challenges at hand could become such daunting tasks! The near vertical ladders proved too much for some and they decided to forgo the last section. Perhaps next trip around they would have overcome their fear and will eventually make it to the top! Some took a longer than usual amount of time hanging on to the ladders before finally became relaxed enough to overcome the initial fear and made it to the top! Guess everyone learned a thing or two about themselves that day. For those who overcome their fear and made it safely top and return, I hope this will be a good beginning for them. While those who have yet to get pass the comfort barrier and gave up this time, try again next trip! Fear is something that we should learn to conquer. Either conquer it or be conquered! Chewah... sounds like some Fear Factor advertisement pulak! And as for me, I guess I made my speediest mountain descent ever attempted. My PR for G. Datuk would now stand at 35minutes descent from summit campsite. Almost non-stop running down the mountain.

Mountain Info:

Where: Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

Height: 870m / 2900ft

The Trek: The trail is really straightforward as there's one clear path leading all the way to the peak. It's well-trodden and pretty wide, so trekkers should not get lost nor get tangled with thorny plants. The best part of the trek is at the peak. There is no beirut, nor muddy ground, nor tall trees and bushy shrubs to block one's view. Formed by several gigantic granite boulders (that's really not the word coz they are much bigger than what the word suggests), the area around the peak is spacious. Whoever braves the few rungs of metal ladders and sits at the peak will be offered a 360-degree view. On a clear day, one can see the Seremban town and as far as the Straits of Malacca. Once at the top, be prepared for for some of the strongest winds on an open mountain top. After the walk up, sitting with the strong cool winds blowing in you face is truly a refreshing experience.

How to get there: Gunung Datuk is about 1½ hours drive from KL. To go there, get onto the North-South Expressway and head South for Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Take Exit 223 (Pedas/Linggi). Immediately after the toll, take a left turn at the T-junction. Go all the way along the road until you reach a round-about. If you follow the signboards along the way, you will be directed to take the 12 o'clock exit to Pedas town. However, a much shorter and quicker route is to take the 3-o'clock exit (you'll by-pass Pedas). Continue along the road until you come to the traffic lights at the end of the road. Take a right turn. Keep going forward (you will soon pass another set of traffic lights) until you see a signboad indicating a left turn to Gunung Datuk. Take the left turn and move on for about About 4km. There will be a junction to the left. This road goes through a rubber estate. Not long along the road, there is a fork; take the left turn. Go all the way and you'll come to Gunung Datuk's base camp.

Fees and Registration: As of August 1, 2003, the District Office of Rembau has given authority to the Kampung people to collect fees to maintain the chalets and cleanliness of the area. Among the items and sevices that they charge included that of chalets, guidesm canopy rental, chairs, rubber tapping, trekking permit, issuance of trekking certificate, and P.A. system.
The only fees we are aware of are:
Trekking Permit
RM1.00 per person
PermitCamp Site
RM3.00 per tent

Friday, April 14, 2006

My new past time

This will be the beginning of my blogging world! Stay tune!